Transitions in Nature

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Why & Who

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The New Observatory constitutes an open platform for architects, engineers and artists.

We develop a theoretical round-table, behind our professional experience.

We work in function of our faith for a different future.

Architecten A.Campesato

Rotterdam NL

Manifesto of The New Observatory

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We believe the modern age of architects/engineers/artists – in continuous transition- is missing its opportunity to redeem from the mediocrity of the discounted.

We believe it is time to change things by the act of building the future of urbanity, developing innovation embedded in design.

We believe that innovation does not imply renovation or lost of tradition. Instead innovation means alternative and simplicity.

We believe that scarcity its positive when produce better for cheap, complex for easy.

We have hope to change things as they are. With facts and no pedant claims. With actions within the virtual world of imagination or the real word of artifacts.

We act in function of clients. We act at the service of nature.

We think the best act is the non act. But in face of the needs the act has to be thoughtful.

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Welcome at /The New Observatory/

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We talk about Architectural Thinking and Engineering Making. Enjoy it.

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